• Our work

    Eurodiaconia links diaconal actors to examine social needs, develop ideas and influence policies impacting Poverty and Social Exclusion, Social and Health Care Services and the Future of Social Europe.

    Eurodiaconia also provides a platform for transnational networking and best practice sharing.  


  • Our vision

    As the leading network for diaconal work in Europe, we look to develop dialogue and partnership between members and influence and engage with the wider society.  We do this to enable inclusion, care and empowerment of the most vulnerable and excluded and ensure dignity for all.


  • Our goals

    We aim to see a positive social change in Europe through:

    Praxis, enabling membership engagement and partnerships

    Advocacy, creating a network of competence to impact policies at European and national level

    Identity and values, supporting the development of approaches and thinking on Diaconia in Europe today


Calendar Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Our Events

2015 Calendar of Events

13 February 2015

Please click here to download the calendar of events organised by Eurodiaconia in 2015.

AGM 2015 in Barcelona: "Filling gaps, bringing hope: Diaconia in a changing Europe"

10 February 2015

Since the social and economic crisis began in 2008, we have been faced with a galloping escalation in the divisions among European countries and within each society. This is evidenced by the increase of poverty and social marginalization all over Europe, which jeopardises social inclusion and peoples’ legitimate aspirations for recognition, equal opportunities and social justice.

Along with the usual governance business of our network, this year’s Annual General Meeting “Filling gaps, bringing hope: Diaconia in a changing Europe” shall highlight some of the members’ projects that are responding to the challenge of adapting Diaconia to a changing Europe. Special emphasis will be given to the Spanish social and economic situation, still highly affected by the crisis.


Please click here to download the draft programme of the 2015 AGM (updated draft programme with correct hotel website). 
Plase click here to download the rules for reimbursement.
Please click here to register.

Register now: Round Table Lunch Debate "Addressing common misconceptions about social rights of EU mobile citizens", 24 March 2015 in Brussels

30 January 2015

On the 24th of March 2015, Eurodiaconia is organising a round table lunch debate titled "Addressing common misconceptions about social rights of EU mobile citizens". This informal meeting, gathering social care providers and EU decision makers, intends to confront theory with practice, to identify gaps as well as the necessary steps to fill them, in a context where Member States have become increasingly hostile to EU migration.

Draft agenda, registration and background note available here.

Registrations open! Research and Practice Working Group Meeting 17-18 March 2015

28 January 2014

At this year's ReDi conference in Stockholm, we started a discussion with diaconal organisations/research institutions/researchers on how to link research and practice in Diaconia with the aim to promote an equal dialogue between researchers, practitioners and service users.

As a follow-up we are launching a working group on research and practice in Diaconia. This initiative responds to a number of needs we identified in our network, some of which are (this list is not exhaustive):

- We would like to better assess the needs of service users and their communities.

- We would like to evaluate the effectiveness of social services in order to make sure we are providing the best possible solutions.

- We would like to have a strong evidence base for advocacy activities that build the basis for our arguments in policy dialogues.

In order to discuss the scope of the working group, its main focus and ways of cooperation and partnership in the area of research and practice more concretely, we are organising a 2-day working group meeting on 17-18 March 2015. This event is hosted by the University of Heidelberg in Germany and is open to practitioners, researchers as well as research institutions with a focus on Diaconia and members of Eurodiaconia.

To download the agenda for the meeting, pleasqe click here.

Register now for training on free movement and social rights for mobile EU citizens

13 November 2014

Eurodiaconia and CCME are holding a training seminar for members on “Free movement and social rights for mobile EU citizens” on 20-21st January 2015, in Brussels, Belgium. This meeting will focus on deepening members’ understanding the legal framework of free movement in the EU and the social rights EU mobile citizens. The event is aimed at those members working with EU mobile citizens in diaconal social and health services or in the field of advocacy.

Please find attached:


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