• Our work

    Eurodiaconia links diaconal actors to examine social needs, develop ideas and influence policies impacting Poverty and Social Exclusion, Social and Health Care Services and the Future of Social Europe.

    Eurodiaconia also provides a platform for transnational networking and best practice sharing.  


  • Our vision

    As the leading network for diaconal work in Europe, we look to develop dialogue and partnership between members and influence and engage with the wider society.  We do this to enable inclusion, care and empowerment of the most vulnerable and excluded and ensure dignity for all.


  • Our goals

    We aim to see a positive social change in Europe through:

    Praxis, enabling membership engagement and partnerships

    Advocacy, creating a network of competence to impact policies at European and national level

    Identity and values, supporting the development of approaches and thinking on Diaconia in Europe today


Calendar Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Other social policies

The EU budget, including the European Social Fund

Eurodiaconia works with partners to ensure a strong social agenda and therefore a strong budget for social issues. In this work Eurodiaconia is specifically working to facilitate access of not-for-profit social service providers to the European Social Fund and to broaden the Fund's scope to address social exclusion and poverty, by proposing changes to the programme.

Measuring growth and well-being
Eurodiaconia has produced a briefing on the discussions about how to move "beyond GDP" indicators to measure societal progress. Eurodiaconia is in contact with ecumenical partners to examine how to promote indicators that take into account more than just economic output.

Measuring Social Value
Eurodiaconia has published a briefing for members on tools to measure the added social value and economic impact of an organisation’s activities. Knowing the social value an organisation creates through its services can help justify funding as well as support advocacy for investing in social services.

Community Engagement and Development
Eurodiaconia co-organised a project, managed by interdiac, on examining methods and theories of community development, engagement and orgainising in diaconia. More information about the on-going work can be found in the articles below.

Social Economy
Eurodiaconia wrote a briefing looking at how the social economy is defined by different actors, and looks at different types of social economy activities. It includes a section on Work Integrating Social Enterprises. Eurodiaconia held a workshop at its 2011 AGM and conducted research among its members to understand how the social economy is seen in diaconia and how it can be supported as the European Commission discusses promoting the social economy, particularly in the light of the Social Business Initiative. This led to a discussion document for members which invited feedback and will link to Eurodiaconia's meeting on the Social Economy in June 2012.

Social Innovation
Innovation is currently one of the EU's buzz words. Within this the European Commission is promoting social innovation, in terms of supporting and facilitating the mainstreaming of innovative ways of meeting social needs. Eurodiaconia is taking part in the discussions at EU level with partner organanisations to ensure that actions publicised are carefully evaluated and really are examples of social innovation, as well as that tools for evaluation and scaling up of innovations are promoted.


How to engage in the European elections? Eurodiaconia toolkit for members

The European Parliament elections will take place across the Europe Union from May 22nd to May 25th 2014 to elect the new members of the European Parliament for 2014-2019. 

With 7 weeks to go before the European election, Eurodiaconia is publishing a brief toolit to support members to engage in the European election campaign. Why does it matter? Why should Christian organisations be involved? What can an individual or a diaconal organisation do? Through this toolkit Eurodiaocnia proposes a few ideas for engagement, aiming to support its members to take their place in the debate.

Further information and links

www.ecumenicalvoices2014.eu: A joint initiative by Eurodiaconia, Aprodev, CCME, and the Church and Society Commission, to provide information to voters on what we have identified as key issues in the perspective of the European elections 2014.

Eurodiaconia European election toolkit: why and how to engage in the European Election 2014?

European Elections: Diakonie Deutschland calls on citizens to vote in favour of a social Europe!

26 March 2014

Diakonie Deutschland has published their new booklet on European Parlament Elections, which will take place from 22-25 May 2014. Building on five main arguments, Diakonie Deutschland aims to encourage citizens to use their right to vote to build a united and social Europe. Why is it important to vote? (1) The influence of European Parliament has widened significantly since the Lisbon Treaties, (2) the Parliament is going to elect the president of the European Commission, (3) the Parliament can address social issues to other European actors, (4) the Parliament needs convinced democrats and (5) the Parliament needs representatives who want to promote social cohesion. It is about your vote!

You can find the booklet here (in German)

Eurodiaconia mapping of WISE completed

28 January 2014 

Eurodiaconia is pleased to publish its results of a mapping exercise that was carried out in 2013 which gives an overview of its members' Work Integration Social Enterprises. The projects featured  in the document do not constitute an exaustive list. We would therefore welcome more project examples to complete the mapping.  Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you have any questions about this document or you would like your organisation to be added. 

Download the mapping here

Member reminder – consultation on social enterprise policy position

17 January 2014

Eurodiaconia members are encouraged to read and comment on the draft policy position on social enterprise. All main member contacts have received the draft and are encouraged to consult within their organisations. The paper draws from the 2011 member survey on the social economy, discussions in the social economy workshop in 2012, a workshop at the 2013 AGM and the 2013 member survey on social enterprise. It also includes input from existing policy papers such as that on social services. It outlines the main challenges for social enterprises from the perspective of diaconal organisations and then makes recommendations to meet those challenges.

Comments are welcome until the 27th January. If no comments are received this is understood as implicit approval of the paper. For more information please contact laura.jones(at)eurodiaconia.org

Eurodiaconia sends key messages to the Greek Presidency

19 December 2013

Eurodiaconia recently wrote a letter to the Greek Presidency who are taking over the lead of the Council of the EU as of 1st January asking them to consider social priorities in forthcoming discussions on the EMU, the European semester and in particular migration.

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